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Battle Royale Tournament

Join a paid Tournament  Get +5 Points

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Tournament Rules


1. Check-in compulsory for every participant in every round.

2. In case a participant fails to check in, he'll be disqualified

How to Play for Open Challenge Series 2 :-

1. Join Discord or Telegram Group Specific Round time

2. Get in touch with L1 or L2 /Support Team via Website/Discord/Telegram Group Chat

3. Room id and Password will be visible Discord and Telegram Group.

4. Players Below 30Level rank not be allowed.

5. Minimum 10 Team are required to start the match or else match canceled.

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Open Challenge Series1 Rules

1. 1st 20 Team Direct Qualify Round.

2. 10 Team Play Wild Card Entry Round Then Top 4 Team Join Qualify Round .

3. every Day 4 Team Disqualified

4. Per Kill 1 point.

5. Position Point available. Check Point Table.

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Emulator and Mobile allowed

Challenge a Friend or Race Against the Clock as You Battle Through 20 Levels of Endless Fun

Play Now

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